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Director’s Corner Address from Christopher Kendall

David Froom (1951 - 2022)

Many are aware that our dear friend and colleague David Froom has died. Having had the highest hopes for his success overcoming last year’s illness, and after his spring of extraordinary compositional productivity, it was heartbreaking to learn of David’s passing on June 19, Father’s Day. Members of his family, including daughters Rosalie and Anna and his wife Eliza Garth. The family has asked that contributions to David’s memory be made to the Consort.

The Consort was blessed, first and foremost, to know David through our performances, commissions, and recordings of his work. And what incredible work it was. I have seldom known a composer who so consistently produced outstanding work, time and again. From the first work we performed, “Down to a Sunless Sea,” to his most recent work written for the Consort, “Hidden Motives,” every work has been extraordinarily crafted and beautiful, conceived in a consistent and compelling voice. David wrote music for people to play; he cared about his performer friends and colleagues, and knew how to give them the most satisfying sorts of challenges. We were always grateful. Anyone who desires a reminder of how rich his contributions in this form were, please consult our archive for over 30 years of wonderful Froom compositions.

David also made an invaluable contribution to the 21st Century Consort board, providing wisdom and perspective and an unfailingly sage sounding board for our artistic direction. David’s generosity extended to his unstinting advocacy for other composers; he was, in every respect, a mensch. Speaking personally, and I know for his many friends and admirers among the Consort family and beyond, David will be deeply missed, but extraordinarily present into the future through his music and memory.

Christopher Kendall